The Celebration Service (see below) was held at Worsley Road United Reformed Church because the Methodist Church was closed on the spot.  The last service at Worsley Road Methodist Church was led by Rev Rosemary Nunn.  Although this was just an accident of the Plan it was perhaps fitting as she had candidated as an MLA from the church 12 years earlier - and was in fact the last person to be ordained from the church.

The closure of any church always produces mixed emotions with many feelings of regret and sadness.  However, there is often another, beneficial result in the closure of a church as members move to other churches in the area.  In the case of our closure a large number of other local congregation benefitted form the arrival of one or more Worsley Road Methodist.  In fact members dispersed to: Worsley Road URC, The Height Methodist, Patricroft Methodist, Patricroft URC, Boothstown Methodist, Emmanuel Anglican/Methodist, Walkden Methodist and Monton Methodist.  It's an ill wind...

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