Prayer Life

There are a number of opportunities to develop a prayer life through the activities of the church. 

At the back of the church is a prayer request book where members of the congregation can request prayers for personal issues or for friends and neighbours.  In addition, in the foyer, there is a prayer box and noticeboard where anyone visiting the church can request prayer using prayer slips provided.  An explanation of what Christians believe about prayer is provided on a hand-out.  Prayers will be included in the service and can be displayed on the noticeboard so that others visiting the church can include the issues in their own prayers. 

During Advent we are involved with the Churches Together Prayer Station on Swinton Precinct where on every Saturday members of the public can request congregations to pray for them or for situations in their lives.  Prayers may be said in any of the member churches of Churches Together in Swinton and Pendlebury. 

Every First Thursday morning in the month at 10.00 a short prayer meeting is held in the Minister's vestry.  It is lay led but, as announced, the group share in Holy Communion led by the Minister.  All are welcome to attend this meeting.

A prayer diary is provided to members of the congregation and folk are asked to especially pray for specific members of the church and church organisations as well as organisations using the premises on specific days 

A number of members of our congregation have developed their faith through attendance on and involvement with Alpha and the "Walk to Emmaus" movement.

We have received requests for prayer through the "Contact us" page of our website.  if you would like us to say a prayer in church for you, for a relative or a situation, please feel free to contact us through the "contact us" page.  You do not need to give details, just your name and "please pray for us", or "please pray for my dad/Fred,Granny etc" would be quite adequate though of course you can give more details if you wish.