A number of items in the church carried plaques in memory of past members of the congregation.  They are displayed below.  There are a few more to come.


Memorial in the grounds to the war dead of the church.  All the fatalities were in the First World War.  This memorial along with a brass plaque, also with the names, been moved to the United Reformed Church on Worsley Road and it is likely this will follow it.  We are grateful to the URC and it seems appropriate that the names should continue to be remembered in the immediate locality.

 Communion Plate (above) presented by Norman and Lillian Davies.  On right is legend on the back of the plate.


Tapestry of "The Last Supper" by Betty Naylor with plaque in memory of her husband Harold


Carved chair in Vestry


Small Communion Table at back of church (prayer request book, flower book etc)


Lillian Davies in front of banner knitted by church Knitting Group in memory of her husband and Local Preacher, Norman Davies


Candlesticks on Communion Table


Small Communion Table in passage


Reader Book Stand




Pulpit Chair




Kneeler and chair plaque






Flower Stand


Main Communion Table


Plaques on donated chairs


And more


 Even more


Yet more


Self explanatory mark 1

Self explanatory mark 2

Inscription in front of Lectern Bible.